How do I sign up?:

The Upward Basketball and Cheerleading league is 1 league with multiple sites. Parents register their children at the site their child will practice (1 night/wk Mon-Fri). One basketball game is played each Saturday at any of the multiple sites. Cheerleaders cheer at one game each Saturday at the same location as their practice.

Registration Costs:

Early Registration (October 1-15th) cost per child is $85/$75 (Basketball/Cheerleading).
Registration (October 16th) cost per child increases to $100/$90.
After Evaluations the cost per child is $120/$110.

*Basketball Registration cost includes uniform jersey,practice t-shirt and shorts.

*Cheerleading Registration cost includes uniform vest and skirt.(White long-sleeves required under vest - not included)
Cheerleading mock turtlenecks are optional at an additional cost of $17.

Continue to Registration:

To register (online only), click on the church link where you want your child to practice:


Click Here for Antioch --->
Email: Antioch Email
433 Cross Road, Marion
(319) 210-9628

Cheerleading Antioch Cheer Email
or Call: (319) 461-5509

Church on Northland:
Click Here for Northland --->
Email: Northland Email
5200 Northland Ave NE, Cedar Rapids
(319) 377-8020
Cheerleading Northland Cheer Email
or Call: (319) 540-9667

Salvation Army:
Click for Salvation Army --->
Email: Salvation Army Email
1000 C Ave NW, Cedar Rapids
(319) 364-9131